Unforgettable experience with a girl friend

One of the most exciting things in this world is sex. There is joy, ecstasy and bliss in sex. It is all about enjoying the pleasure. If you’re looking for a partner check out some fuck buddy sites. Their free and easy to use. There are different ways to enjoy sex but nothing will be like engaging in sex with the best sex partner. Though there are sex toys for masturbation, the climax of having sex with sexual partner will be incredible. Sex creates memories, it can be either beautiful or unforgettable memory or weird and bad memories. It is up to the people engaging in sex to create beautiful memories.

Formal and informal

The pleasure of sex can be enjoyed both in a formal way and informal way. There are different levels of pleasure which can be attained in different ways. In the formal sex, since both the persons have planned for it already they will be looking for the moment and will develop the curiosity which increases the fun and arousal but at the same time if the sex is informal and if it happens all of a sudden, it can be incredible since it is a surprise. It is good to enjoy both informal and formal sex because each person has to experience both the pleasure in a terrific way.

Hooked up for sex

All of a sudden one day, I and my girl friend hooked up for sex and it was really a great day that we will never forget. We had all night sex that stands in our mind till date. It was terrific to the core and we think that it would be most enjoyable if it happens again. Though we hadn’t planned it already we really have great time that we cherish together often when we take time for being alone. It was a night that gave us the climax that we have not experienced ever. It was rocking in different ways.


After my office time in the late evening I went to meet her and after our coffee at restaurant I dropped her at her place. It was a cool climate that really worked for us. As I was dropping her and waving my hands saying bye, she called me in to her place.

On couch first

I did not say no, and went in immediately as I love spending time with her. She prepared an amazing dinner for me and served it with cool scotch. After we had our dinner, we started making out while watching the TV. One thing went to the other; we started undressing each other on couch.


She was happy to receive my kisses and I enjoy seeing her enjoying my kisses with bliss. She decided to bang as she suddenly got high. I don’t know where did she got that mood all of a sudden as she was taking it intense and moaning lightly. I was completely kissing her from her head to down and it was really amazing to play with her boobs. As soon as it started kissing her, nipples got erected and she was damn hot and enjoying it. Then I went on seeing her enjoyment. Her passion really made me go for more.

The time at down

I went down and have incredible licking time and she was in the ecstatic realm. She enjoyed it as yielded her completely with passion. Then she wanted to taste my penis so she started doing blow job. Wow!!! She was slow, gradual and doing it by tasting my shaft bit by bit in different angles to me to the pinnacle of pleasure. She knew when to stop and when to move on. This increased my expectation to get in to her.

Mind blowing climax

Finally she wanted me in her and I take the charge completely and started my incredible intercourse session. That was mind blowing as she moans when I pound her and it increases my pleasure. We started in missionary and changed to other positions such as doggy style and 69 with cow girl sometimes. We both enjoyed a lot in doggy as it gave us amazing and unspeakable pleasure. She wanted to ride me in cow girl style so I just let allowed her freely to take me and it was incredible to see that she was having her best on me. I played with her boobs when she was taking her chance and finally we ended it in missionary with mind-blowing climax.